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Celtic Knot

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There are no puppies currently for adoption. Please check back later for more!

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Celtic Knot

This is Kellach, our first White Pug. What a beautiful princess.

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Celtic Knot


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Celtic Pugs!The Ancient Celts of Ireland respected all living creatures and embraced peace and harmony. Celtic Pugs strives to honor our Celtic Ancestors by raising only AKC registered Pug dogs with the interest of betterment of the breed, now including the Brindle, White, and Silver Pugs.

Our adult Celtic Pugs and Celtic Pug puppies are not from Ireland, but are given Celtic names to remind us of our
heritage. Our Celtic Pug puppies become well adjusted and loving adults. We truly care for all our Celtic Pugs, and it shows. Celtic Pugs also is open to ideas that will help our Pugs with nutrition and for their mental well being. We have created CP Guardian that offers select families and individuals the opportunity to have a Pug dog in their home. If interested in the program, please click on our Celtic Pugs Guardian Program page.

While we love to have visitors, we ask that you come byappointment only. To make an appointment email us at




In Loving memory of Mae





The Bulldog Club of
Western Pennsylvania.

The club covers about five or more counties, including, Cambria, Blair, Clearfield, Westmoreland, and Indiana. This is an AKC affiliated Club. It is welcome to all Bulldog owners with AKC registration. You do not need to have a desire to show your dog, just might want to be around other Bulldog owners for more knowledge of the breed. For more information please email Sue at


Celtic Knot

Celtic Pugs


Pug Breeder

Special thanks to Jim Shaffer for his time and talent in creating our artwork and family crest!

If you have any positive or negative Celtic Puppy
feedback for us please email us today!

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