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Available Puppies

Pug Puppies!

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Celtic Knots & Crosses


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Apply for Your Puppy Now!

Baby, it's cold outside!

Apply for your puppy now!


Please email us ( for the adoption fees.

* We have set up payment plans to those we feel would make great homes, but might not have the total amount of money needed to adopt. We do require 50% down. These payment plans are based on needs.

* We offer discounts of $50.00 for return adopters!

* All adoptions are complete with a sample of the puppy's current food, coupons for more food, blanket, toy, and a puppy package!

* Celtic Pugs requires all puppies to be spayed or neutered.


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In an effort to always do what is best for our dogs well being, on occasion we will offer for adoption our retired lassies. Adopting our girls is emotionally hard for us, as we would loose a family member, in most cases a dog that we delivered here, and raised from birth up. But, in adopting them to homes with one, two or three other dogs, gives them the opportunity to receive more attention and love, that we are willing to admit we could not give to them.  That way, they are able to spend there retired years with their new family who can dote on them all the love and attention they deserve. We never profit from such adoptions, the fees are set only to offset the cost involved with spaying or neutering. 

Celtic Pugs

Celtic Pugs does the best they can to hold cost down, without the detriment of our dogs and puppies. We cannot negotiate lower prices for food, or Vet Cost, so please return the favor and not ask for a discount or rebate. We have not increased our adoption fees in 5 years, but with the cost of everything else going up, not just a little but by quite a bit, we may need to increase the adoption fees to keep up in the future.

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