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The color and the controversy


The white Pug is in fact yes a Pug.  Contrary to what some negative breeders are saying, YES, they can be registered with the AKC, but because of the Pug parent Club, they are not permitted in the show ring.  This is only reserved for the standard Fawn and Black colors at this time.  So what is the big deal some might ask, or how did this color come into existence....Well good questions.  Lets start with what is the big deal.  To those of us serious about the Pug breed it is important to us, to enter in fresh and new bloodlines.  For so many generations only the Fawn Pug was considered right and proper, and any other color or variation was put down right away.  And we are finding out, that many of these colors and variations have genes attached which are now again being realized, because frankly, responsible breeders are not killing puppies, if they are too dark or too light anymore.  The big deal is we are now seeing colors that represent the Pug breed in every way as far as structure and personality, but they have a different color, and in our opinion it is amazing and awesome.  The white color is brilliant and unique.  It also gives people with a great love of Pugs to have a colorful collection, while still enjoying the calm loving nature of the Pug breed.

  Now for the question of how this color came in to existence....  Well....Nobody truly knows.  There is photographic evidence of white Pugs that belonged to royalty.  BUT, we do not have proof in lineage that these dogs were bred, or used in any kind of kennel registry.  Most white Pugs today can credit their heritage to a small breeder in Pennsylvania, that somehow had a White Pug born and then he duplicated it.  His name was John Lapp, and some of his dogs made their way to the west coast where breeders there worked hard to duplicate the color, by using only Pugs in their programs and then breeding these whites into existing Pug lineages.  The result is today's white Pug.  Brilliant in every way, and has the same personality as any other colored Pug. 

  In our opinion, it is SO much better to see responsible and reputable AKC breeders of the Pug breed working at new and radiant colors and variations, than those who think taking the Pug dog and matching it up to other breeds, in the thought that they would duplicate somehow the personality of the Pug.  With many "new" breeds being created for no other purpose than to make a quick buck, and shows zero heritage or lineage, using dogs that for whatever reason were not good enough to be bred up with their own kind.  Please also do not believe some ignorant "show" breeders who state quite openly that white Pugs can not be registered, or are not Pugs, but an abomination created mixing with another breed.  They are NOT.  They are now 100% Pug, right down to the DNA. They only issue chance in the DNA is the coloration, which is apparently present.  It is almost like saying that a person born from one black parent and one white parent is not a person....YES they are and the carry human DNA.  They are the same as everybody else with a small difference in coloration. 

  SO, with all this in mind.  Some of us who are responsible breeders and with only AKC Pug dogs decided we needed to join together.  Stand up for the White Pug, and all the other Pugs who do not fit into the color mold of fawn or black.  We have been also reaching out all over the world for new and fresh bloodlines.  The club is called Pug Dog Club of Colour or PDCC.  The web address is    This group of people work diligently on their own breeding programs while working together with other like minded breeders and owners to support the cause of the the Pug that is not standard in coloring.  Some of our friends in Europe are working at even more and unique colors, and yes they are mixing other breeds to accomplish this, but then once the color is accomplished they breed back to a Pug parent.  This is permitted in Europe in many kennel registries, while at this time it is not with the AKC or UKC.  But it does provide hope to all the many Pug lovers worldwide that we can still have the personality and structure of a Pug, but just in another color.


Celtic Pugs was SO very happy and proud to accept a rare beauty from Gamble Pugs in California, named Kellach.  She comes from a great lineage of White Pugs, and we were so proud to work with Hollands Happy Pugs to create our first white Pug litter.  But we did not and will not stop there, as we now continue to work at and create a white lineage with the unique Celtic heritage of our Pugs.

Always looking to the bright future of all Pugs!