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Check out photos of our past litters!

Seamus Size: 12 Lbs. Male Color: Fawn Seamus, is a great Lad, full of spunk and a proven stud. His DNA is registered with AKC. His offspring are known for their size and mild disposition.

Enya Size: 10 Lbs. Female Color: Fawn Enya, is Brijid's Granddaughter. Her mother is Banshee. Enya's AKC Registered Name is "Banshee's Screaming Enya", because she is always talking. She is very calm and will sit on your lap for hours craving attention. This is a very common trait in all of Banshee's offspring.

Onora Size: 18 Lbs. Female Color: Brindle Onora, is one of the newest members of the Celtic Pugs Klan. Widely travel her journey to Johnstown stated in the Kingdom of Oregon. Her personality is overwhelming and that of a World Traveler. She has a "Royal" attitude. Always looking to be the center of all the attention, she has daddy wrapped around her wee paws.

Caitriona Size: 13 Lbs. Female Color: Fawn Caitriona, is Brijid's Great Granddaughter. Her Grandmother was Fiona, who is no longer with us. Caitriona is in our CP Guardian program with Heidi, living the high-life. She is our first CP Guardian dog, and the program seems to be a great success. Cat seems to love being an only child. CP Guardian Program

Doirind Size: 9 Lbs. Female Color: Silver Fawn Dori, is Brijid's Great Granddaughter. Her Grandmother is Banshee. She is a real pip, and her size doesn't keep her from roughing it up with the rest of the Celtic Pugs Gang. She loves to play Hide 'n Seek.

Orla Size: 10 Lbs. Female Sex: Female Color: Brindle Daughter of Onora. Super sweet girl. Junior is her dad excellent disposition. Future litters should be quite impressive.

Liam Patrick Male Brindle Puppy.  Born to Orla and Seamus in the summer of 2009.  Will be the only Brindle stud for us to date.