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Celtic Pugs
1734 Ruby Street
Johnstown, PA 15902

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Our home located in Johnstown, PA.


Celtic Pugs Adoptions Map

Our adoptions are throughout the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia,
New York, New Hampshire, California, Washington D.C. areas.


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The History of our City - Johnstown, PA

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Johnstown, settled in 1770, is perhaps most famous for its three floods. The "Great Flood" of May 31, 1889 occurred after the South Fork Dam collapsed 14 miles (23 km) upstream from the city during heavy rains. At least 2,209 people died as a result of the flood and subsequent fire that raged through the debris. Other major floods occurred in 1936 and 1977.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania Inclined Plane

Synonymous with Johnstown and its great floods is the Johnstown Inclined Plane. Constructed as a "lifesaver" after the Johnstown Flood of May 31, 1889, the Incline has more than lived up to its original lifesaving purpose. It is one of the longest and steepest hoists in the world and one of the few transportation systems of its kind still in existence. Thousands of visitors from around the world have visited the famous Johnstown Inclined Plane, billed by the Guinness Book of Records as "The steepest vehicular inclined plane in the world."