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HollisThe Hollis Clan We are a small family with mom, dad, and two sons. Our friends also are interested in what we do and often will help deliver puppies or help take care of them. We have been married for over 25 years and our sons were raised with dogs all of their live. We also have 5 rescued cats and our stingray, 2 rescued greyhounds, and one bratty Chihuahua, Zumba. We have deep roots connecting us back to Ireland. I have been to Ireland twice and would encourage anyone to make a visit. Our house is constantly busy with new puppies arriving and perspective adopters stopping by for a visit.

Our breeding program concentrates on size, health, and temperament of the Pug Breed, delivering only the very best Pug Puppy in many colors and personalities. Seeing a growing request, by Pug Lovers young and old, for a smaller Pug has lead us to seek smaller Pugs for breeding. We are recognized for our breeding program that promotes a smaller sized Pug.
Our Celtic Pugs are bred and raised under foot, in the company of children and other pets. Our home is kept spotless and we use state of the art Ionic filters throughout our house and Pug Puppy Room, to ensure the best air quality possible. Our Pug puppies are raised with their best interest in mind.
Mom and Pug
What sets Celtic Pugs apart from the average breeder and retail puppy stores is our attention to their basic needs as they mature into a well adjusted adult. We work with our Celtic Pug puppies to set up scheduled feedings. Our advanced house training and social skills begins once our puppies start eating solids. Our house training methods steer our Celtic Pug Puppies to adapt to any home environment including Paper Training, Litter Training and going outside. This training makes our Celtic Pugs familiar with most living situations. cat
Our strict regiment of proper hygiene, including bathing and nail clipping begins at a very young age. Proper nutrition is the key to a happy and healthy Pug puppy. nutrisourceWe only use NutriSource Brand Puppy and Adult Formulas for our Pugs and Pug puppies, and the proof is in the fur.





Kids with Pugs!
Brindle Pugs and Kids
Brindle Pug and Kids!


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Project Children

Michael SeanThis is Michael Sean and he is from Belfast, Ireland.

He came to visit us for a month and became very attached to Dori and Caitriona. He had to depart before Caitriona delivered her litter. Unexpectedly she delivered 4 Days early and Michael Sean was able to see the puppies, before he left.

He is the 7th young man we brought over to stay with us for a month. He came to us from Project Children. This organization brings children ages 10-18, boys and girls, from Northern Ireland, to stay host families and to tour America. If you have room in your heart and home for these fine young lads & lassies then please contact Project Children, at the link above.